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Alternate Costumes

To get a different colored costume with your selected character, besides pressing kick or special, press both of them together.

Bonus Characters

At the player select screen go to Ryu and press left and you will see Akuma. And go to Ken and press right and you will see Dan!

Dan's Super Taunt and Extra Mighty Combo

From Dan's Super Taunt You must have at least one mighty combo bar to do this taunt. This is how u get Dan to do his Super Taunt: Down, Downforward, Forward, Down, Downforward, Forward + Taunt.

Hisshou Buraiken This uses 2 Mighty Combo bar. This is how u get Dan to do Hisshou Buraiken: Forward, Downforward, Down, Downback, Back, Downback, Down, Downforward, Forward + Special.

Restart Fight

At the end of a fight hold L1, L2, R1, R2, Select and Start. The match will restart without any loading.

Alternate Chun-Li taunt

Select Chun-Li and fight Felicia. Instead of having her "Gomen Nasai!" taunt, she will wave a cat toy.

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