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Bonus Teams

At the team selection screen, press Circle for the Super Bowl teams. Press Circle (2) at the team selection screen for the All-Star teams.

Cheat Codes

Enter the options screen and choose the "Easter Eggs" selection. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Effect - Code

All Bobo teams - ALL_BOBO
Better defense line - LINE_BUSTER
Better running back - SUPER_FOOT
Big players - TINY
Cheerleaders pictures after game - FASHION_SHOW
Floating players - POP_WARNER
GameDay stadium - GRUDGE_MATCH
High endurance - ENDURANCE
Large football - BIG_PIG
Players named after 989 Sports programmers - 989_SPORTS
Players named after European league stars - EURO_LEAGUE
Players named after NBA stars - BASKETBALL
Players named after Redzone programmers - RED_ZONE
Players named after U.S. Presidents - OVAL_OFFICE
Reduce fatigue - FATIGUE
Tall and skinny players - PENCILS
View credits - CREDITS
Small Players - MUNCHKINS

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