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Cheat Codes

Enter one of the following codes at the code entry screen to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Result Code
5 yard first downs POPWARNER
20 yard first downs FIRSTIS20
100 yard passes PIGSKINSFLY
100 yard field goals BIGFOOT
Super speed burst NO2
Super stiff arm SMACKDOWN
Super jump SPRONG
More injuries PAINFUL
More defensive scoring FRAPLPRO
More fumbles ROLLERGIRL
More interceptions PICKEDOFF
No interceptions EXPRESSBALL
Receivers catch better MAGNASAVE
Less penalties REFISBLIND
Quick fatigue FINALTIME
Harder to tackle players TEFLON
Different scoring rules DRBENWAY
Electric sidelines STATICCLING
Floating heads TALKINGWHAT
Big versus small players MINIME
Camera follows football VERTIGO
Curved space and time MOEBIUS
4th And Incas stadium QUETZLCOATL
Alpha Blitz stadium PANCAKES
Antarctica stadium XMASGIFT
Cosmodome stadium SPACEBALL
Dodge City stadium WILDWEST
EA Sports stadium ITSINTHEGAME
Gridiron stadium KLAATU
Maddenstein stadium COUNTMADDEN
Nile Hi stadium DENILE
Salvagefield stadium TETANUSHOT
Tiberium stadium FEEDTHELIONS
Tiburon stadium WEPUTITTHERE
Tiburon Bros. stadium COTTONCANDY
1972 Steelers team DONTGOFOR2
1972 Raiders team GETMEADOCTOR
1976 Raiders team GAMMALIGHT
1976 Patriots team HACKCHEESE
1981 Dolphins team 15MOREMIN
1981 Chargers team BUILDMONKEYS
1985 Dolphins team CHICKIN
1985 Bears team DOORKNOB
1986 Browns team KAMEHAMEHA
1986 Broncos team BLUESCREEN
1988 49ers team CALLMESALLY
1988 Bengals team PTMOMINFOGET
1990 Giants team PROFSMOOTH
1990 Bills team SPOON
1995 Steelers team STEAMPUNK
1995 Colts team PREDATORS
1997 Packers team TUNDRA
1997 Broncos team EARTHPEOPLE
All-Madden team TEAMMADDEN
All '60s team MOJOBABY
All '70s team LOVEBEADS
All '80s team BIGHAIR
All '90s team INTERNS
Clown team CARNEY
Industrials team INTHEFUTURE
Junkyarddogs team MADMADDEN
Madden Millennium team TIMELESS
Marshalls team COWBOYS
Monsters team KTHULU
Mummies team WRAPPEDUP
NFL Millennium team ALLTIMEBEST
Praetorians team DOASWEDO
Sugarbuzz team TREMENDOUS1_2
Tiburon team SHARKATTACK
Toymakers team XMASFILES

Dodge City:Old West Stadium

If you enter WILDWEST, this old west stadium will appear in the stadium select aread.

Fantasy Team:Marshalls

If you enter COWBOYS, the secret team Marshalls will appear.

More Injuries

If you enter PAINFUL, more injuries will occur.


This isn't so much a cheat, but it obviously was an oversight in Madden 2000. An easy way to build up a team in Franchise mode, is to first, free up a lot of cap room. Second, at the end of the season, with all of your free cap room, when it's time to sign free agents, sign as many young players (22-26yrs) as you can afford, or fit on your team. Then with a crop of young players, trade them to other teams for their draft picks. Many times if you package 2 rookies with one of your lower round draft picks, you can trade them for another teams first round pick. Do this until you end up with (if you're good) 7 first round picks. Every few years, there is an exceptional draft, where there are players in every position in the high 80's. Then sign them to the longest contact you can, and in 2-3 yrs they will be in the high 90's. Everyone you don't or can't trade, simply release them, or many times keep them. This is a good way to keep those dynasties alive.

Dance to the endzone

Press Triangle when on a breakaway for a touchdown to have your player dance to the endzone.

Pump up the crowd

Press R2 when you are the home team playing on defense and the player selection icon is on a linebacker or defensive back. The player will raise his hands up and the crowd's noise level will increase.

Franchise mode trades

In franchise mode, trade for Kyle Brady TE for Jacksonville Jaguars. Brady will trade to or for just about anybody including draft picks. Make sure to include someone to trade for when getting Brady back. The best trade for Brady is Seattle OLB Chad Brown, CB Shawn Springs, and to the Vikings for RB Rod Smith, OG R. Mcdaniel. Also try trading Brady to Dallas for OG Larry Allen, SS Darren Woodsen. Remember Brady is expensive.

Build a good team

If you goto franchise mode and use 3 users. You can steal their 1st round picks every year until they get fired. You can also take all their good players. And in a few seasons you will have a superbowl team.

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