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Play as Eliot

To play as Eliot, remain in survival mode for at least ten minutes.

Play as Dickson

To play as Dickson, beat the game with April and have an IQ over 150.

Play as Cherry

Tp play as Cherry, remain in survival mode with Eliot for at least fifteen minutes.

Play as April

To play as April, beat the game with an IQ over 100.

Play as Morgan

To play as Morgan, beat the game with Dickson and have an IQ over 200.

Play as Kimti

To play as Kimti, beat the game with Morgan and have an IQ over 300.

Play as Atlas

To play as Atlas, beat the game with Morgan and have an IQ over 400.

Play as Spike

To play as Spike, beat the game with Cynthia and have an IQ over 400.

Play as Cynthia

First clear the game's Final Stage and save it to a memory card.

Make your Own Puzzles

First, clear the Final Stage and save it to memory card. (If you do not have a card, you will lose this when you turn the system off.) Now go into Options and select Game Mode, Choose SYSTEM and press RIGHT to turn Original Mode on. Exit Options and select the 1P game. You can now make your own puzzles!

Note: You cannot view the rules, get an IQ, or play a 2P game in Original Mode, but you can always switch it back to Normal mode by pressing LEFT at the game mode option.

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