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Pegasus, Soldier, Centaur, Soldier.

Vortex of Souls

Soldier, Lightning Bolt, Soldier, Centaur.

Passageway of Eternal Torment

Medusa, Soldier, Centaur, Pegasus.

Titan Flight

Soldier, Coin, Coin, Thunder Bolt.

Cyclops Attack

Gladiator Helmet, Pegasus, Hercules Silhouette, Archer.

Hydra Canyon

Coin, Gladiator Helmet, Coin, Soldier.

The Big Olive

Centaur, Coin, Serpent, Hercules Silhouette.

Centaur's Forest

Centaur, Hercules Silhouette, Minotaur, Archer.

The Hero's Gauntlet

Serpent, Medusa, Coin,Medusa.

Skip levels

Go to the password where you must turn the jars. Turn: horse - horsehuman - horse - human - snakes.

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