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Restore the game and enter X, T, X, Right,Down, T, Up, Right, Right, X as a password.

Both Players Active Game

Restore the game and enter Up,T, X, R, Up, T, O, D, R, D as a password. When the game starts both players can capture flags simultaneously.

Capture the Flags

Restore game and enter Down, T, R, X, R, Up, R, O, X, D as a password. Now all flags must be captured to complete a level.

Mega Build Code

Press X three times and then hold X. Roll onto S and then roll off S.

Racing Game

Restore the game and enter X, T, R, S, R, Up, D, T, R, D as a password. Select 2 player mode and choose Grid Racer world 1, 2, or 3. A two car race will start and each lap counts as a flag with spells still working. Complete 10 laps and win the race.

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