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In the game, press Start to pause, then hold the L2 or the R2 buttons. Us the following legend to spell out the below codes for the desired effects. Up=U or N, Down=D or S, Left=L or W, Right=R or E, Triangle=A, Circle=O, and X=X.

Infinite Lives: - Undead

Invulnerable: - Weasle

One Liners: - Aloud

Rambling Gex: - Senseless

Timer: - Earwax

Debug Menu

1. During the game, press Start to pause.
2. Press and hold L2 or R2
3. Press Left, Circle, Up, Down, Right, Right, Left, Triangle, Up and Down.
4. You should hear a sound.
5. Press Start to unpause the game and then press Select to bring up the Debug Menu.

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