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Play the game under any difficulty setting without losing a round (not a continue). During the fight with the last Digimon before Reapermon, BlackWarGreymon will challenge you. Defeat him and Reapermon without losing a round to unlock him.


Enter KIMJOY as a password.


Enter LINMON as a password.


Successfully complete the game with all three season three characters.


Enter MINNYN as a password.


Enter SERIUS as a password. Alternately, successfully complete the game with Gabumon and Agumon.


Successfully complete the game once.


Enter KENSAN as a password. Alternately, successfully complete the game with Renamon.


Enter QRIOUS as a password.

Get digivolved form

To receive anyone's digivolved form, successfully complete the game with them.

Get Mega form

To receive anyone's Mega form, successfully complete the single player game with that person. You cannot be a Mega in single player mode.

Play as same Digimon

To play as the same digimon as your opponent, hilight your opponent's digimon, hold SELECT & O, then press X. Player 2 will be a different color.

Change Tamer's Costume

NOTE: This only works on these Digimon:

gumon- arGreymon- Gabumon- MetalGarurumon- Patamon- Seraphimon-

On the Select Digimon screen, hilight one of the above Digimon and hold R1, L1, & O then press X. The Tamer will be different.

Special Digimon

Go to password at the main menu, and put in ROYBOY to get a mega digimon--WarGreymon or BlackWarGreymon!

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