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Inning Select

To play in any inning, enter Cheat Mode and press X to bring up a "Let's Go Inning" menu in the upper left-hand corner. To change innings (up to 18), re-enter Cheat Mode and press X.

Home Run

For an automatic home run (if you hit the ball), enter Cheat Mode and press L1, then unpause the game. To revert to normal, re-enter the Cheat Mode code and press L1 again.

Computer vs. Computer

To watch the Playstation play itself, enter Cheat Mode and press L2. To regain control, re-enter Cheat Mode and press L2 again.

Cheat Mode

Before using the following codes you must enter cheat mode. To do so, start a new game and pause it. While paused, use Controller Two and press Triangle, Square, X, Circle, Circle. You'll hear a piano if you did this correctly.

Note: This code must be entered before entering any of the codes below, and must be reentered for each code desired.

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