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Practice Passwords

These are passwords to various stages for practice purposes only. You are given 99 lives, but when you complete an area, you are not allowed to continue.

PLVT0NM - Sector 0
R3SCV3* - Sector 0
SP33D3R - Sector 1
FIXTNKR - Sector 1
R34CT0R - Sector 1
S3CVRTY - Sector 1
D4R*WIN - Sector 2
TOXIC4V - Sector 2
PRIS0NR - Sector 2
DRVGL4B - Sector 2
B4TLSHP - Sector 2
SHI3LD* - Sector 2

(* Designates the SeaQuest symbol)

Secret Options

On the Main Bridge screen, press L, R, B, A, Left, Right, X, Y, Up and Down to make the Debug screen appear. Then use the Control Pad to highlight the weapon or item you'd like to increase or decrease.

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