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This explosive felon's rap sheet is bigger and juicier than anything at Al's Diner ( is favorite eatery, what a word ). The
hyperspace truckers always steer clear of DeNitro.


Plasma Blast: D,DF,F+Punch
Head Charge: F,F+Punch
Stomp Quake: D,D+Kick
Shake and Bake: F,F,F+Punch


Rumor has it that a certain E. Bunny put out a contract for Kringle's death so that he could have complete domination over the holiday market. Kringle knows that LOBO has been very naughty.

Spinning Knives: B,DB,D,DF,F+Punch
Hold and Stab: F,F+Punch
Blizzard Breath: B,F+Punch
Wrap Opponent: D,DB,B+Punch
Fatality: ( half screen ) B,F,B,F+Punch


Not much to tell except he seems to be the big, fat, and ugly one of the game. However he does pack quite a wallop.

Big Gunshot: B,F+Punch
Power Push: F,F+Punch
Kick Punch: D,DB,B,DB,D,Df,F+Punch
Big Bayonet: D,DB,B+Punch
Fatality: D,DF,F,DF,D+Punch


A famous thief and assassin. She has something against LOBO. What? I don't know why I'm not a psychic. Well she's out to get him ( so is everyone else in the game ). Watch out for her. She can be very dangerous.

Tornado Kick: D,DB,B+Kick
Jumping Spin Kick: F,F+Kick
Sword Thrust: D,DF,F+Punch
Fury Claws: F,Df,D,DB,B+Punch
Fatality: ( got to be close )B,DB,D,DF,F+Punch


Dox is the last guy you'll face in the solo mode. Watch out when playing him. He can be more dangerous than any other character in the right hands.

Double Punch: F,F+Punch
Power Punch: F,B,B+Punch
Kick Punch: F,F+Kick
Spin Punch: D,DF,F+Punch
Fatality: (close) F,DF,D,DF,F+Punch


An intergalactic pirate and thief. LOBO is the man. Everyone in the universe wants to kill and rip the living excrement outta him. He for some reason has this quality about him.

Stomp: D,D+Kick
Shoot Gun: D,DF,F+Punch
Chain Spin: F,F+Punch
Drop Grenade: D+Punch ( in air )
Ram Grenade: D,DB,B+Punch
Fatality: F,B+Punch

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