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Sunsoft Level 5 - KCGHCNC

Option Mode: On the Title screen, hold select then press Start. You'll enter an option mode that lets you customize the functions of your controller buttons. Sample the different music choices.

Mayhem Level 12 - GWJTPLW
Mayhem Level 22 - RMDTBFQ
Mayhem Level 30 - ZTTGRFH
Taxing Level 1 - PQFPTBP
Taxing Level 5 - DXCQKRX
Taxing Level 30 - WFCSHNT
Tricky Level 5 - GJWDHMG
Tricky Level 13 - ZVMQKXB
Tricky Level 28 - JHQSPRH
Tricky Level 30 - SRWGXZM

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