Video Game Cheats, Codes, Walk-Throughs, and Hints/Guides for Bubsy

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Level Select

Type in these cheats at the cheat screen.

( Press select when Bubsy appears and then press select on "Enter Passcode" )

Chapter 1 JSSCTS
Chapter 2 CKBGMM
Chapter 3 SCTWMN
Chapter 4 MKBRLN
Chapter 5 LBLNRD
Chapter 6 JMDKRK
Chapter 7 STGRTN
Chapter 8 SBBSHC
Chapter 9 DBKRRB
Chapter 10 MSFCTS
Chapter 11 KMGRBS
Chapter 12 SLJMBG
Chapter 13 TGRTVN
Chapter 14 CCLDSL
Chapter 15 BTCLMB
Chapter 16 STCJDH

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