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Extra life

Enter LLRR LRLL LRLL RRLL as a password.

Extra ammunition

Enter LRRR LLRR LLLL RLLR as a password.

Faster movement

Enter LRRR RLRL RRLL RLRR as a password.

Less damage

Enter LRRR RLLL RLLL LLLR as a password.

Higher jumps

Enter LLRR RRRR LLRR LLLR as a password.

Faster opponents

Enter LRRR RRLL LLRR RRLL as a password.

Slower opponents

Enter LLRR RLRR RLLR RLLR as a password.

Stronger enemies

Enter LLRR RRLR RRLL LLLL as a password.

Reverse controls

Enter LRRR RRRL RLLR RLLL as a password.

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