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Snowboard racer

Enter "BUCKYB" as a name.

Milk truck

Enter "MOOOOO" as a name.

Infinite money

While playing a game, press B, Z(2), B, Up, C-Down, Z, Start on controller two.

Overhead view

While playing a game, press Up(3), A, Left, A(3) on controller two.

Blurred view

While playing a game, press B, Left, Up, Right(3), A, Start(2), Z, Right, A, Up, Z, C-Down, Start on controller two.

Boost off on start of track

When the 3 & 2 show up hold A when the 1 first shows on the track screen you'll go like 25 or 26 once you're able to accelerate. Note: You might be ahead of everybody who's racing you.

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