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Video Game Cheats, Codes, Walk-Throughs, and Hints/Guides for NFL Quarterback Club '98 - MyCheatSite test


Video Game Cheats, Codes, Walk-Throughs, and Hints/Guides for NFL Quarterback Club '98

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In a game if someone gets a minor injury and you can't play without him. Pause the game and go to sub players and go to reset all and do that several times and you might hhave your injured player back. IMPORTANT!!!! After you do this once your player has a better chance to get injured seriously every time you do this.

QB Club Codes

Hidden Teams
Acclaim & Iguana Squads
Bigger Guys
Extra Downs
Super Dive
Electric Football
Bad Offense
Bad Defense
Baby Mode
Instant Pass
Always Tip Pass

To get fast Runningbacks

Go to cheat and put in MCHLJHNSN and press A.

Cheat codes

If you enter a code on the cheat menu correctly you'll her a whooping sound.

code effect
SPRTRBMD constant turbo
SPRTMMD all players have max abilities
SNWSLDS snow sled mode
TGHTGRP no turnovers
FRMBYFRM slow motion mode
BGTWSTRS ball carrier spins cautiosly
SPRBGRMS all players have max strength
SPRDPRTCKL easy tackling
MNFLDMD mine field mode
YNSTYNS all players have max al
YLCTRCFB electric football mode
LLFFSCK bad offense
LLDFSCK bad defense
PBYBYMD baby mode
LDSTRTRK teleporting pass
LWYSTPSS pass is always tipped
GLYTHMD goliath mode
STYCKYHNDS easier recieving
WLTRPYTN speed mode
MCHLJNSN max speed mode
BGBFYFF strong recievers
CRLLWYS all players jump farther

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