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Secret teams in season

Enter any hidden teams cheat, then go to custom season, hit yes, when you select your team you'll see the hidden team you entered come up, select that team and they'll be on the season.


(1) How to get secret stadiums,(2)Make a code when a Quaterback,Kicker,and Punter can kick and throw the ball 100 yds,(3)The runningback,Wide Receiver and your whole team having extreme speed like Michael Johnson,(4)Every time you win a super bowl,there should be a code for that team to play for example as the 1989 49ers,and (5)Also to get teams like the Frankfort Galaxy,Rhein Fire,Scottland Claymores,the London Monarchs and so on.


Go into create a player in season mode and type in these

Tiburon- Tiburon Team
Elec Arts- EA Sports team
Stats Men- All time Statistical Leaders
Eighties- All 80's
Seventies- All 70's
Sixties- 1960 Confrence B
Howie- 1997 Confrence A
Lei- 1997 Confrence B
San Mateo- EA sports stadium
Maitland- Tiburon Complex

When the EA Spors logo comes up while the game is starting hold L+R+Z to see the ending cheat.

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