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A watch out on atleast some weapons #1

These are in columns and (&) rows.

Weapons Why to watch From Who is
out for it from?

Charge Kick May slide Charge Man
into a
hole or
spikes or
something else.

Gravity Hold Things may hit Gravity Man
or kill you.

Water Wave It may be Wave Man

Note: The word ineffective means it doesn't (does not) work at all also known as uneffective.

A correct version of "A watch on weapons #1"

Here is the corrected version o' (of) the tip and this version should be printed instead O' (of) the one below where it says "A watch out on atleast some weapons #1" to save paper space room.

Charge Kick:
You should watch out for this weapon because you may hurt yourself, fall into a hole or spike & (and) kill yourself.

Gravity Hold:
It may reverse an enemy or enemies (I think there is a chance) & hurt, kill or both hurt & kill you.

Water Wave:
It may be ineffective. Ineffective means it won't (will not) work @ (at) all.

You get Charge Kick from beating (defeating, taking his health down to 0 {zero}) Charge Man @ Charge Man level.

You get Gravity Hold from beating (defeating, taking his health down to 0 {zero}) Gravity Man @ Gravity Man level.

You get Water Wave from beating (defeating, taking his health down to 0 {zero}) Wave Man @ Wave Man level.

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