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Duck color

The ducks you shoot, no matter what their color, are always green when the dog grabs them when they land.

Double Weapon

Use the back of the Zapper as an aimer. The notch at the back acts as crosshairs.

Perfect Bonus

Put the Light Zapper on the duck you want to hit. Your accuracy should be perfect. When you destroy all the ducks in that level, you should get a Perfect bonus worth 10,000 points.

Always hit the duck

Place a magnifying glass between the light gun and your television screen. Hold the Light Zapper gun approximately two feet back from the television and fire whenever a duck appears. Aiming directly through the center of the magnifying glass and towards the center of the television works the best. Several attempts may be needed to get the gun and magnifying glass positioned correctly. Note: A fairly powerful magnifying glass would be best to do this trick.

Duck control

Use a standard controller in port one to control the ducks. Note: This may be done when one or two ducks appear on screen.

Freeze targets

Press Start to pause game play, then resume. The targets will remain paused for a brief amount of time, allowing an easy shot.

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