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Bonus (Level 1)

To get a bonus in the first level, go to the theatre at two or four o?clock. Wait at the entrance for the
boy in purple to exit and spray him!

Easy Wins in Wheel Game

Buy the magnet from Toys N' Stuff on Level 1. Use the magnet on the wheel game on Level 3. Pick
any number while using the magnet, and the magnet will draw the wheel toward your number. Instant

Extra Lives and Sound Test

In Level 1, stand to the right of the "E" in the "Quick-E-Mart" sign. Shoot a rocket at the "E" to make
a Krusty Clown Face appear that gives you three 1-Up's and a Sound Test. For the Sound Test,
select it and press Start. Select sounds by pressing Up/Down, then press Start.

Free Coins

After you buy a whistle at the store, go to Grandpa Simpson's nursing home and use it. Wait awhile
and Grandpa Simpson should start tossing you coins.

Hidden 1-Up

If you fire a Rocket at the E in Kwik-E-Mart a 1 up flies down.

Secret Room

The first ashtray past the escalator in the mall is the entrance to a secret room full of hats.

Theatre Bonus Room

If you enter the theater on the first level between 2:00 and 4:00, you will enter a bonus room. It may
take a few tries.

Game Genie Codes

IPKYXUGA / IPUYVUGA Super-jumping Bart!
ANENPXGU / AYNNIXGU Slow down timer
AXENPXGL / AZNNIXGL Speed up timer
PAONAYAA / PAENGYAA Gain 2 coins for every 1 collected
PAONTNTE / PAOYZNTE Only 10 coins needed to get an extra life
GXXZZOVK + GXXULEVK / Buy items for free!

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