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Enter any of these team names to accsessthese cheats:

ALANS CITIES - All but southern south America, Australia and southern
Africa conquered.
COOPER TEAM - $100,000,000 and all technology.
CREDITS CHECK - $100,000,000 and select any country.
TO THE TOP - $100,000,000 and select any country.
NUK THEM - Start at any country.
ROB A BANK - $100,000,000.
WATCH THE CLOCK - Speed up technology development by about 10 times.


You can also type these:
rob a bank -- just money not mods or weapons
to the top -- money and mods to the top
nuk em -- ??
alans cities -- lots of money and mods and weapons
with only a few assignments left
watch the clock -- ??
credits check -- money weapons?


Type the following the to get unlimited money, energy,
and all the weapons you would ever want in Syndicate.


Cheat for 1.0

use one of the following team names:
cooper team : give $100m and all technology
beat the clock : speed up technology development
nuk them : all bionics and guns
rob a bank : lots of money
to the top : gives $100m and select any country

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