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Type in damn and all of your residentual area will turn into

Do not pay the bonds

Start a new city.Then after the 1st year type in fund 10
times and take all the bonds that are 25%.Keep on doing that
fo every year that follows except take all the bonds from
the second year on.Yoou do not have to pay the bonds back.

Double your money

Press caps locks and type funds and your money will double. Don't do it to much or your city will blow up.

Nice income

IN the first year of a new city type fund, take the bond at 25%, type
fund again, take the bond, then go to the budget window and issue a regular
bond. IT should offer you a bond for .% Then repay the two 25% bonds.
Around 1.5 mill. *a year* is yours.

More money

In SC2k version 1.0, typing "porn tips guzz ardo" gives you 500,000
dollars and all prizes except the military base.


joke - see for yourself
cass - gives you $250.
porntipsguzzardo - gives $500K and all rewards become available. This is
unavailable in version 1.1. For 1.1 cheat with same result, see
topsguzzardo below. ardo - Once you've typed porntipsguzzardo
or topsguzzardo, you can type ardo and continue to get $500k
each time.
fund - gives $10K bond at 25% interest.
vers - gives version number of Sim City 2000
Topsguzzardo is just like porntipsguzzardo. It's a code that gives
you $500K and all the rewards. But porntipsguzzardo is for MAC
1.0 and topsguzzardo is for MAC 1.1. To have access to
topsguzzardo, open the Map window (the one that shows Police
Power, Density, Crime, etc.), click inside it, type pirn, click inside
the Status window (the one that shows weather, item/cost, city
message (i.e. Hurricane Warning), and type topsguzzardo.

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