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Cheat mode

Enter one of the following case-sensitive codes during game play to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code

More black ant eggs eggs
More red ant eggs EGGS
Starvation erad
View ending sequence fred
Red ants have more holes HOLE
Black ants have more holes hole
Start colony in every patch jeff
Black colony unlimited health jenn
Display a joke joke
10 Queen ants just
Reverse spider mick
Yellow ants 100% health rand
Add red queen Queen or QEEN
Add black queen queen or qeen
Ten fertilized queens for red ants OOPS
Ten fertilized queens for black ants oops
Yellow colony unlimited health susi
Always win fights against red ants will
Obtain useless $10,000 FUND
Rain [Option] + R
Toggle laser spider [Option] + 2

Full health

Exchange bodies with another ant, then change back. Your health will be restored to full.

Play as spider

Select the exchange bodies option and click on the spider to control it. Use the option to chase down and eat a single ant to your advantage.

Transform into red ant

Hold [Shift] + [Option] and click on an ant.

Duplicate item

Hold [Shift] + [Option] and double click while holding an item. Set that item down to duplicate it. Note: This is especially useful when applied to food and ant larvae.

Dig hole

Hold [Command] and double click on yourself to dig a hole. Note: Dig near the bottom of the nest to reveal secret passages to the red ant nest.

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