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Cheat mode

Begin a game in single player mode. Enter one of the following codes during game play to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code

God mode jjgod or jjinv
All weapons jjguns
Full ammo jjammo
Sugar boost jjrush
Cycle helicopter ears and hoverboard jjfly
Suicide jjkill or jjk
Power shield jjshield
Level skip jjnext or jjnxt
Fully light level jjlight
Bird help jjbird
Coins jjcoins
Gems jjgems
Quit to main menu jjending
Quit to desktop jjq
Cycle into Spaz, Bird, Frog, Jazz jjmorph
Power-ups jjpower
Pass through obstacles1 jjnowall
Enable several times for autofire jjfire
16 color mode jjcolor
Make Jazz or Spaz laugh jj<2 - 9>
Suicide jjd
Change controls jjcpu
Talk jjt

1. This code is best used when flying to prevent falling through the ground.

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