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Tower Of Magic bonus

Locate the teleporter in the Tower Of Magic in chapter four. Then, type eas ter egg as coordinates.

Tough army

Delete all the default characters and start creating a party. The commander should have 20 skill of one weapon type (or defense). The rest of the commander's skill points should be for health. Next, create a mage. 7 skill should be used on mage spells. Split the rest with spell points and health. Now create a doctor. The doctor should have 20 skill in alchemy and at least 2 in lock picking. At lest two of the other characters should be soldiers with 5 in defense and every weapon. The last one can be a soldier, a priest, or a muscle-bound idiot for bashing doors (20 skill in strength). Note: Your mage and doctor both need to be at least 5 intelligence, commander at least 6 intelligence, and the soldiers 2 intelligence. The muscle-bound idiot needs to be 1 intelligence.

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