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Ultimate Neutron Blaster

Buy a neutron blaster, leave the planet, press "w" then land and sell the neutron blaster. When you take off you will still have the neutron blaster, but it will be much more powerful!

Particle Beam of Death

When you are tired of being killed by bounty hunters or pirates, fly and and on a planet that sells weapons for your ship. On some planets, they will sell you a weapon that has no picture or ame. I seems like they are rying to rip you off because you've no idea what it is. Buy it. When you eave the planet go through your secondary list and look for "Paritcle Beam." When you find it, target a ship and get it on your big screen (not scanners), then use it. The "Particle Beam of Death" is about as thick as a shuttle and locks on automatically. This is as powerful as a forklift except on Confed Cruiser; to defeat a Confed Cruiser with it just let it unload until it completely runs out. The good thing is that it doesn't use any shields OR fuel to be used. Unfortunately it still won't kill Captain Hector.

Free Fighters

Buy two or more fighter bays. Launch all your fighters, then order them to return. When one has returned, tell them to stop. Then launch the fighter that is in your ship. You will recieve more fighters depending on how many bays you have.


To get the forklift option (a nuclear bomb), click on the Escape Velocity symbol on the top of the menu. While the words are scrolling hold down Option + Apple + Shift + Ctrl-F until you hear the forklift song. Now the current pilot has a forklift wich can be found in the secondary weapons list!

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