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Cheat mode

Press T to display the talk window. Type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code

Guns: akimbo bunz
Level select: calgon or mario
Disable God mode: capinmyass
Diving suite, 200% health: cousteau
No clipping mode: eva galli or tclip
Jump boots: funky shoes
Full map: goonies or tmap
Full armor: griswold
God mode: i wanna be like kevin or tgod
All weapons and ammo: idaho
Drunk: jojo
Suicide: kevorkian
All keys: keymaster or tkeys
Flame resistant: krueger
All weapons, unlimited ammo: lara croft
Suicide by fire: mcgee
All weapons and items: montana
God mode: mpkfa, nocapinmyass, or voorhees
Invisible: onering
Display frame rate: rate
All items: satchel
Warp: speilberg
200% health: spork
Ammo: tammo
All weapons: tguns

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