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Always Land Ariel Maneuvers

If you always want to land your ariel moves from the turnbuckle, wait for the computer to get up and walk to the bottom or top end of the screen (opposite of the turlbuckle). Once they are there, press Attack+up to do a body splash. It will always hit.

Breeze through Cage Matches

To finish Cage Matches quickly, select a wrestler who is both quick and a good finisher. When the match begins, lunge forward (making sure you are near the cage) and punch quickly. When the meter turns black do a finisher or vertical suplex - and right when they?re stunned climb the cage and you'll win before they knew what hit ?em!

Fight Your Tag Team Partner

In Tag Team Mode, when you get thrown out of the ring, go behind the ring (on your team?s side) and begin wailing on your teammate. Let the fight begin!

Win Tag Team Matches Easily

To win a Tag Team Match easily, you must first weaken the team. Lure your opponent to his partner and then knock him out of the ring. Now, climb onto the apron (not the floor) and begin beating on his partner. Finally, let the wrestler who has been knocked out of the ring tag his now weak partner.

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