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Alternate Screens

Press Select during demonstration mode to display an aquarium screen. Press A (x2) to return to demonstration mode then display a confetti screen. Press B (x2) to return to the demonstration mode then display a chalkboard.

Ascending Blocks

Hold Left until a piece touches the wall. Continue to hold d-pad Left and rapidly tap A. Alternately, hold Right and rapidly tap B. (Note: Cheat does not work on symmetrical pieces like the square and straight bar.)

Continue Game

Press Start to pause game. Then turn Game Boy off. When the unit is turned on again, a ?Continue? screen will appear.

Expert Mode

Press Start during game. Then press Select. The preview window will not display the next piece when game resumes.

In-Game Reset

Press Start + Select + A + B during game.

Moving the blocks upward

Move the block to either side of the screen. If on the left, press the "B" button repeatedly. If on the right, press the "A" button repeatedly and your blocks will move upward.

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