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16 Hearts on Shredder's level

At the password screen enter 1HHHHH2. After you enter it you will have 16 hearts and be on Shreder's level

Always have 2 continues on passwords

On the last spot on the password you can always put 2 on the end no matter what password you got and get 2 continues.


Before Scratch1000002
After Scratch2100002
After Card 14110102
Before Dirtbag1111102
After Dirtbag2311102
After Raphael3311302
After Card 24331302
Before Triceraton1311302
After Triceraton2711302
After Donatello3711702
After Card 34773702
Before Scale Tail1777702
After Scale Tail2H77702
After Splinter3H77HO2
After Card 44HH7HO2
Before Shredder1HHHH02

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