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Underground Bug

Go to any long pipe going down in a level you've already passed, and go down it. While still in the pipe, pause and then press SELECT. Then, play any level you want. In most of the levels, Mario will fall through the ground and end up in a strange jumble. Don't hit any ? blocks or grab any coins there, or the game will freeze. Very strange and funny!

Tree Zone Secret Exit

At the second level of Tree Zone, go up to the place where there is a long way down to the normal exit, and there are the green goo you could float on. Instead of going down to the normal exit, get the carrot and fly up and forward. You will see a passageway near the top. Go into that to find the secret exit.

Turtle Zone

Go down then up where its dry and let the turtle make you small. Enter the hole on the left and up the pipe. Go right through the bad guys and enter the door with a star above it.

Pumpkin Zone level 3

You need to have bunny ears. After you pass where the blocks that go invisible go to a place where you down. Don't go down lnstead go flying up to the right pass through the bad guy and to the door witha star above it.

Pumpkin Zone level 2

You need to have a mushroom. Go to where there is water under those cyclop ghosts when you get to a hole go down and across the bad guys. Then break the blocks and go down a pipe. Then go to a door with a star above it.

Macro Zone level 1

Its kinda of a shortcut to the boss. You need a fire flower. When you are on the platform where a ant with a missile throwing gun kill it. There is like somthing under it like a pipe that is facing up pand takes you down. Go up. But where the ant was. Somewhere in that platform are 4 hidden blocks. Look for them. When you find them go on top of them and shoot the blocks and go up a pipe. Then look for the door with a star on top of it.

Tree Zone level 2

You have to have bunny ears. Go to the end but don't go through the exit. Instead go left past the pipe then up the goo like thingy. Go all the way up and kill the bad guy. Then fly up and right. Go through the pipe and to the door with a star on top of it.

Space Zone level 1

Touch the midway bell and move right until you get to a wall. Jump. Get on the other one. Keep going up then move right jumping until you get to a secret door with a star on top of it.

Secret Exits

There are at least seven secret exits in this game.

Demo Code

1 Up + Select
2 Up + A + Select
3 Up + B + Select
4 Up + A + B + Select
Note: None of these codes work for the million version seller.
Return to the Map
To return to the map without dying, press START, then press SELECT.

Play the Demos

At the title screen you can enter any of the following codes to play the demos. When a demo begins you will be able to control Mario.

Hippo Level

When you see the hippo, make sure the bubble comes out. Then go back to where you started and run to the hippo again. When you see the bubble come out (still running), jump in it and don't let go of the A button. You should be at the end in about 40 seconds.

Easier Game

For an easier game, press SELECT at the pipe screen.

Bonus Level

After ringing the Midpoint Bell in the first stage of the Space Zone, jump up to find the hidden block located in front of the ringed planet. Continue working your way up-you will find more hidden blocks and you will get to the Secret Exit high above the normal goal.

99 Lives

Clear the Hippopotamus Zone and the Space Zone. Return to the Hippopotamus Zone, run into the water, and then to the left. Grab the prize worth 50 coins. Do this over and over until you've grabbed 999 coins, then play the Bonus Game. Repeat this procedure until you have 99 lives!


On screen after title screen, push SELECT to put you in easy mode.

Secret demo game

When title screen appears, Hold Up, Select and B. The demo lasts for 60 seconds and then chrashes.

Secret Life

In the Hippo Zone, get in a bubble and go to the beginning of the level and float up. You will see a ? box. Inside is an extra life!

Beat Bonus Game

To get 3 extra lives every time on the bonus game, just wait until a heart is going into the left-hand opening, and press the button to drop the claw. The claw will automatically grab the heart when it comes back out the other side.

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