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Random Percentage

Find a female blob after rescuing an animal helper. This may be easily done on level 5-3.

Cheat Mode

Collect all of the rainbow drops. Return to the Boss rooms and achieve a perfect score in all bonus rounds. Find a female blob in any stage, then complete the game to achieve a 100% score. Press A and select "Option" to fight the Bosses, access the bonus rounds, and start a sound test.

Secret Doors

There are several secret passageways hidden in the game. To find them get Kine (the fish) and the Spark power. Use the spark power in a dark room. You may see a picture and or door. If you see a door go through it. If you see a picture, try to go inside it as if it were a door.

How do get the rainbow drops

These are the powers to use on the blocks that seal the rainbow drops in their rooms.

World 1 Grassland Use Parasol Power
World 2 Forest Use Spike Power
World 3 Ripple Field Use Rock Power
World 4 Iceland Use Fire Power
World 5 Red Canyon Use Spark Power
World 6 Cloudy Park Use Cutter Power
World 7 Castle Dedede Use Ice Power

To get the last rainbow drop (in the last level), get and use the powers in the following order:

After going through the last door, you will be below the drop.

Boss Fighting Tips

World 3: Before you fight Sweet Stuff, be sure you have Kine (the fish) and Spark power. The light bulbs Kine makes will act like torpedoes.

World 5: When fighting Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright, try to suck up and swallow the stars they make. The stars will give you powers.

Dark Matter:To kill Dark Matter, get all the rainbow drops. They will come together and form a sword. Hit him with it until he dies.

Top Cloud Extra

After beating a room you will be launched off a cloud. When the cloud is going down press B and hold it. When you are launched wait until you pass 4 or 5 clouds, then press and hold A also.
You should go all the way to the top cloud. On the top 3 clouds you will gain a star, a full health strawberry, and 1 live.

Full Options Game

For options for number of lives, sound tests, and other special options press Down+Select+B at the title screen.

Pro game

Press Up+Select+A at the title screen to get a game with extra enemies and a new ending.

Bonus Game

When you're at the title screen and the word Start appears hold Up+A+Select.


Hold up and press A+B+Start when you're at the title screen.

Easy way to Defeat Dark Matter

In Dark Matters first form when he starts charging his sword get extremely close to him and swing your sword at the moment he releases the ball of energy. It will do triple the damage to him.

In Dark Matters second form he will first attack you with four oval shaped balls of energy which will explode. Before he flings them at you get behind him and swing your sword at the balls directly behind him (try to hit them both). If successful 1/3 of his energy should be gone and you'll have him defeated in no time.

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