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1 DBBE-DD07 Start with 9 lives
2 DB8F-6DAD Continue with 9 lives
3 C2B6-D4DC Infinite lives
4 D4B4-6761 + D4BE-07A1 Most nickels worth 2 on pick-up
5 DCB4-6761 + DCBE-07A1 Most nickels worth 10 on pick-up
6 DD8D-046F + DD8D-04AF 'A nickel for your life' costs nothing when you say yes
7 3187-64DD Start with 1 nickel instead of 0
8 3187-64DD + 3387-640D Start with 10 nickels
9 DDA6-DFA4 + DDA6-D4D4 Opening a bank account costs nothing (you still need to have at least 10 nickels)
10 DD85-0DDF + DD85-0D0F Bank withdrawals cost nothing (you need at least 1 nickel in your account)
11 DD8C-0F6F + DD8C-0FAF Bank deposits cost nothing (you still need at least 1 nickel)
12 DDC8-ADA5 + DDC8-AFD5 High-low game at the Gold Rush costs nothing
13 C2B2-DF67 Infinite continues

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