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Featured scenes

Advance to the following Title and Chapters to view the corresponding featured scenes that are normally only accessible when the disc is used in a DVD-ROM drive in a PC.

Scene - Disc index
Will Smith and the Mallet stunt - Title 20 Chapter 1
Magnet collars and flying blade scene - Title 26 Chapter 1
Will Smith's horse stunt - Title 27 Chapter 1
The Tarantula and CGI - Title 28 Chapter 1
The Bike-Plane, CGI, and concept art - Title 29 Chapter 1
Barry and Will play fight - Title 21 Chapter 1
Actors playing around on the set - Title 22 Chapter 1
Kevin Kline becomes Grant - Title 23 Chapter 1
Painting in the live pictures - Title 24 Chapter 1
Elaborate sets - Title 25 Chapter 1

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