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Bonus Ape Commentary

On Disc 1- Select [Special Features], then select [Commentaries], then press the down arrow to highlight the "back" button, then press the "up" arrow to highlight a red monkey that is between the top of the swords. This will play a special "Ape" language commentary of the movie, but it fast forwards to only scenes of the ape in the spacesuit in the beginning of the movie.

Cast Auditions

If you look at some of the [Cast Bios], you will find footage from their audition tapes.

Statue of Thade

In chapter 35, at approximately 1:25 minutes into the chapter when the statue of Thade is presented in full view, hit the play button again, and you will instantaneously be transported to a "making of" scene and decisions being made about the statue.
Note: This is actually a feature when viewed in ENHANCED VIEWING MODE.

DVD Production Credits

Go to the [Languages] selection on the first disc. Go down all the way and push the [Right] arrow key on your remote to highlight a picture of an ape with a helmet. Click on it and you'll see the DVD credits.

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