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Bonus Musical Sequence

From the [Main Menu] of disc two, choose [Extras]. Press [Right to highlight [Next, then hit [Enter]. Press [Right] to highlight [Next again, then hit [Enter]. You should be on the screen titled "Hollywood Hulk Hogan on..." with five choices below. Hit [Right] twice and the red and yellow "Hulk Still Rules" logo should highlight all in yellow. Hit [Enter] and you will be treated to "Mean" Gene Okerlund singing "Tutti-Frutti" on the WWF show Tuesday Night Titans with Hulk Hogan playing bass guitar.

Un-Cut American Video

Go to the [Chapters] menu on disc two. Get to the third chapter that has the options "WCW"... "NWO"... and "Back in the WWE", then highlight [Next. Once [Next is highlighted, simply press [Up] on your remote. This will highlight the "Hulk Still Rules" logo. Now just press [Enter] and sit back and enjoy the uncut real American video clip from the late 80's.

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