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Director Sounds Off

On disc one, go to the [Special Features] section and highlight [Main Menu]. Press [Down] once and some demon eggs will appear in the upper left corner. Press [Enter]. Play the [Introduction] from the [Main Menu] first. When you go back to the [Main Menu], highlight the [Introduction] again and press [Up], then select the hidden option.

DVD Production Credits

Highlight the above egg, but press [Down] instead of [Enter]. The crown will highlight. Press [Enter].

Alternate Opening Scene

Insert the second disc of the set and on the [Main Menu] select [Kroenen's Lair]. In the following screen select [Animatics] and on the following submenu hit the [Down] arrow key on your remote control twice to highlight another set of rings. Now press the [Enter] key and you will get to see an alternate opening scene for the movie presented in storyboard format.

Early Shots

Select [Board-A-Matic] from the [Kroenen's Lair] menu on disc two. Once again, hit the [Down] arrow key twice, followed by [Enter] and you will get to watch a version of the Apocalypse tracking shot from the movie.

Comparison Shots

Go to the [Storyboard Comparison] menu, accessible from [Kroenen's Lair] on disc two. Here, press the [Down] arrow key once again and follow it up by the [Enter] key and you will be treated to a multi-angle storyboard-to-film comparison of the space devil hatching sequence.

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