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Hidden Cartoon Shorts

On Disc 1, on the [Leonard's Picks] menu, go to the [Main Menu] spot, and then go up to highlight the word "Leonard". This will take you to "Wynken Blynken and Nod". On the [Favorite Characters] menu, go up from "The Wise Little Hen" to see "Who Killed Cock Robin?". On the second page of [Fables and Fairy Tales], go to "Lullaby Land" and go [Lef to highlight the cat's sword. This will show you "Water Babies". On Disc 2, go to the [Nature on Screen] menu and go to the right of "Mother Pluto" to see Walt introduce "The Old Mill" before playing (it's available on the menu on its own). On the [Accent on Music] menu, go [Lef from "Music Land" and highlight the saxophone's hat to see "Farmyard Symphony".

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