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Bonus Behind-the-Scenes

Insert the second disc of the DVD set and on the [Main Menu] highlight the menu entry [Interviews]. Now press the [Right] arrow key on your remote control and the image of the dancers will disappear. Press [Enter] now and you'll have the chance to see 5 minutes worth of behind-the-scenes footage from the rehearsal and shooting of the movie's final dance scene.

Interview Featurette

On the [Main Menu], select the [Interviews] menu entry this time and in the following menu, highlight Kenny Ortega's name. Press the [Left] arrow key on your remote now and the dancers will appear on the screen. Now press the [Enter] key and you'll get to see an on-location interview featurette with many of the principal cast members.

The 60's Make a Comeback

Select the [Music Videos] menu entry on the [Main Menu]. On the following screen highlight the entry [(I?ve Had) The Time Of My Life] and then press the [Left] arrow key. If you press [Enter] now you will get to view a featurette on the 60's coming back in style during the 80's.

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