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DVD Production Credits

Insert the first disc from the set and from the [Main Menu], go to the [Language Selection] submenu. Here, highlight the entry for [English] subtitles and then press the [Righ arrow key on your remote control to highlight the image of Bruce Willis. Press [Enter] now and you will get to see a credit screen.

Outtakes with Music

From the second disc?s [Main Menu], select [From The Vaul and then [Outtakes]. Select [The Vaul and on the next screen press the [Righ arrow key twice. This will highlight a small gun on the screen, which will give you the chance to watch the outtakes with music only.

Message Display (five star collection)

First on the main menu push up on the remote until their is a little dot lit up right above the menu and push enter.The roof should blow up and display a message.

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