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Bonus Robins Clip

From the [Main Menu], highlight [PLAY MOVIE] and press [Up] on your remote. A blue picket fence should come up on the bottom of the screen. Press [ENTER]. The pictures at the bottom should change. Now highlight [SPECIAL FEATURES] and press [Down]. A blue robin should come up. Press [Enter] to see a clip about the robins used in the film.

Hidden "Chicken Walk" Interview

Go to [SCENE SELECTION]. Highlight [Chapter 3] and press [Right]. It should highlight a blue ear. Press [Enter] to see an interview with Kyle MacLaughlan about "The Chicken Walk."

Favorite Foods

Go to the [SPECIAL FEATURES] menu and highlight [DOCUMENTARY: MYSTERIES OF LOVE] and press [Up]. It should highlight the word SPECIAL. Press [Enter] to see a clip of David Lynch talking about his favorite McDonalds food.

Hidden Interview Clip

From the [SPECIAL FEATURES] menu click on [DOCUMENTARY: MYSTERIES OF LOVE]. Highlight [1. ORIGINS] and press [Up]. It should highlight [MYSTERIES OF LOVE]. Click on it to see a clip of Isabella Rosselini talking about whether or not David Lynch is a misogynist.

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