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Bonus Clips

On the [Main Menu] select the [Episodes] menu entry. On the following screen, use the directional arrow keys on your remote control to highlight the Christmas lights and then press [Enter]. This will give you the chance to view a brief hidden clip.

The second one can be accessed by highlighting one of the knobs on the stove, also using the arrow keys on your remote control in the [Episodes] submenu.

Vegitable Man clip, Puppet short-films, music video

In the EPISODES menu on disc one highlight the following.

Page1 (1-4)

1) Highlite "Mail order bride" and press right to highlight the Yellow christmas light.-- WolfMan 1 (Puppet video)

2) While highlighting the yellow light press right to highlite the Dish washer knob. -- Bowling (Puppet video)

3) While highlighting "super bowl" press left to highlite the Ancha-la-dito chip. -- Vegatable Man Preview

Page2 (5-8)

4)While highliting "Who is the drizzle" Press left to highlite the Broken lightswitch hole
--Themesong music video

While highlighting "Super model" press Down to highlite the Tiny piece of Shakes cast.
--Learning your right and left (puppet video)

NOTE-some things like the tiny cast piece and the light switck are hard to see

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