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Mark the traffic cars and check max. speed

To mark the cars on the road with an "O" (for other car's) after you select race and pick your direction on the track on the next screen that comes up press the r or L buttons. This will activate the "other car marker". Also when on that same screen press the "Y" button this will activate the Maximum speed indicator. Which tells you the maximum speed your car reached during practice and your last race.

Get Honda S2000 and other cars

At the end of quest mode defeat all of the cars from the Four Devos team. The S2000 and other cars are now available to purchase in the shop for the next game.

Get Porsche 911

After unlocking the Honda 2000 you must defeat the other cars in quest mode to complete the game. The 911 is now available in the shop.

Rival Pointers In Quest Mode

At the Assist Shifting menu press L or R.

Instant Full Speed

To go full speed after a win or loss press Y at the Assist Shifting Menu.

Get Car for Free

After buying your car when ready to pick a license plate press Y to get a random plate. If all numbers are 7's then you get the car for free. You can try again if they are not by pressing B for another tryand answer No when asked if you want the car to start again.

Tip to beat the game

Trying to beat 100 Races is hard, here is a great tip which will never fail. While you are racing your lifebar will go down if you are passed by a rival, whatever amount of life you have left, will remain until you complete 100 races OR run out of energy and lose. Here is a nice tip for Full Energy through all 100 races. If you get passed, just hit Start and Click RETIRE, then RETRY. You will begin where you left off, and you life will be restored. Do this until the end, and you will be unstopable.

The Real Names of the Cars

While Genki didn't spring for manufactuer licences, they have confirmed that the cars are modeled closely to real cars and that their strange names are simply the chassis codes of actual cars:

AE86L--Toyota Corolla (Levin/Trueno) '80-82
AE86T--Toyota Corolla (Levin/Trueno) '83-86
SW20--Toyota MR-2 '91-95
JZA80--Toyota Supra '93-98
XE10--Toyota (Altezza)* late-model
JZX100--Toyota (Chaser Mark II)* '92-
S13--Nissan 240ZX Coupe (Silvia) '90-94
S14--Nissan 240ZX Coupe (Silvia) '95-98
RP512--Nissan 240SX (180SX) '90-94
R32--Nissan (Skyline GT-R)* '89-94
R33--Nissan (Skyline GT-R)* '95-
Z32--Nissan 300ZX (Fairlady) '89-95
Y33C--Infiniti Q45 (Cedric/Groria) '90-96
Y33G--Infiniti Q45 (Cedric/Groria) '97-98
EK9--Honda Civic CX Hatchback VTEC '96-98
DC2--Acura Integra Type-R '97-
NA2--Acura NSX '97-
CE94--Mitsubishi (Lancer Evolution III)* '93
CP94--Mitsubishi (Lancer Evolution V)* '97
FC--Mazda RX-7 '87-92
FD--Mazda RX-7 '93-95
GC8--Subaru Impreza WRX '93-98
GFLF--Mitsubishi Eclipse '95-98
GFLS--Mitsubishi Eclipse '00-

The Japanese car name is in parenthesis. The dates are the model years of that body style according to my best info.
* means there's no US model.

Never log a loss

If you challenge someone who's just way too fast for you, or get challenged by someone like that (one of the Devas showing up early springs to mind) and know you're going to lose, hit start and choose to go back to the main menu. Unlike retiring or getting a draw, the game doesn't register this as a loss. Next time you see that car, they'll still be a blue dot on the map. What does this do for you? Well, if you beat a car when it's still a blue dot (not yet raced), you get 5x the car bonus when you win, as opposed to 4x for cars that you've lost to or drawn with before.

How to get the Type-530

Go into the QR mode and win 100 races without leaving the QR mode. It takes about 2 hours. After you win 100 races, go into the quest mode, load up your game and buy the last car for $30,000.

Behind-Car Replay

At the post-race screen where the game gives you the choices of: main menu, replay, continue racing, or (with VMU)save replay, hold the L and R buttons, select "replay", and push A. The replay will now be from a behind view of your car, instead of from the normal replay cameras.

Car Type 930

To get car type 930, you must first beat the four Devas, all the other cars, and the four Devils. Note that sometimes you must race on the opposite track in order to find them all.

Extra Parts

After beating Quest Mode, you will unlock extra parts under MUFFLERS and AERO. *Muffler #7 will now be selectable. *1 Extra Wing is also added.

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