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Change lure color

Press Up or Down in consumer mode to choose a alternate lure color.

Bonus Bait

Finish all 5 games in "professional Tournament" in the Consumer mode, and you will receive a bonus bait---Sonic!

Access Palace And Falls

Finish the first 2 tournaments in Consumer mode, and it will open up "Palace"(the final stage of Arcade mode) and finish the last 2 tournaments in Consumer mode to will open up "Falls" in practice mode.

Extra Practice Levels

Beat the game once in arcade mode and it will unlock 3 new practice levels in practice mode.

Female character

Press A + B at the arcade mode level selection screen.

Big Fish

First pass it in arcade mode , then go to practice mode choose the lake "Cave" cast stright into the cave. And If you hear "Big one comming" it should be at least a 15 pounder.

Bigger fish

Get the falls area and go all the way to the right where the deer is up on the cliff. Cast around that area and there are usually at least 20-25 bass. ALL OVER 15 lbs. Dont do it at noon though, do it in the morning or in the night because everyone knows bass go deep when its bright and hot outside.

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