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Rainy Weather (Flag to Flag)

At the Transmission Selection screen, highlight Automatic or Manual, hold L + R + Down and press A. Keep holding L + R + Down until the track completes loading.

Second level (House Of The Dead 2)

Successfully complete the training mission to unlock a second level in the demo.

Cloudy day (Flag To Flag)

Highlight "Automatic" or "Manual" at the transmission selection screen. Then, hold L + R + Up and press A. Continue to hold L + R + Up until the track completes loading.

Quick restart (Bass Fishing)

Normally, the game will return to the Generator main menu after the "Game Over" screen. To prevent this, and allow another Bass Fishing game to start faster, quickly hold A + B + X + Y and press Start at the "Game Over" screen.

Quick restart (PowerStone)

Hold A + B + X + Y and press Start at the victory screen after a match to restart the game without going back to the Generator main menu.

Extra arena (PowerStone)

The following trick allows the arena that you can play in one-player mode to be used in two-player mode. Begin game play in two-player mode then hold A + B + X + Y and press Start at the end of the match. Select two-player mode again and have either player select Gunrock as a fighter. Immediately press A at the stage selection screen to select the extra arena.

Rumble gloves (Ready 2 Rumble Boxing)

Hit your opponent frequently until the word "RUMBLE" is spelled out at the bottom of the screen. Then, press L + R on controller two. Your gloves will turn white and gray and the referee yell out "Rumble!".

Chao Puzzle VMU game (Sonic Adventure)

Note: This trick requires two controllers, one into port A and the other into port D. Insert a VMU into controller D and load Sonic Adventure. Press Start controller D and "Chao Puzzle" should appear on the VMU. Press Start on controller A to pause the game before playing Chao Puzzle. Note: Allowing the game to continue while playing the Chao Puzzle will cause it to freeze.


Start the Dreamcast without a disc to access the audio CD player. Insert the game disc and play tracks two and above to hear music from the game.

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