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Full pause screen

Pause the game and press X + Y.


Allow the game to idle for a short time and a screensaver will appear.

Hidden characters

Unlocking the four hidden characters; Falconess, Minotaur, Tigress, Jackal, is a fairly easy process. Just get to level 25 with each of the four original characters. Load your level 25 character and start a new one through character management. Hold Turbo and you will notice your character has turned into its counterpart. For example, Barbarian becomes Minotaur and Wizard becomes Jackal. They can be selected with any color.

Pojo the chicken

You will find an egg in a chest in one of the towers in the castle courtyard level. Collect the egg and you will become Pojo the chicken.

Using two-player bridges

You can use the two-player bridges in single player mode in two ways:

Step on the switch, and if you are very lucky, you will make it. With an enemy on the other end of where the bridge would be, step on the switch, lure it onto the bridge, then cross.

Maximum levels

Note: A controller with an auto-fire feature is useful for this trick. Begin game play in the first level in the mountain world. Go to the second set of stairs. Stand in front of the stairs and keep holding Fire. Unlimited green trolls will keep coming at you. Leave the game in this position for as long as needed to maximize your levels.

Begin game play in the fourth mountain level, the volcanic cavern. This trick allows you to gain up to three levels each time that you visit it, and works well when at a high level that requires a lot of time to gain more levels. Open the first death treasure chest and kill all the monsters up until the first switch for the rotating platform. Be sure not to step on the switch. Return to the first chest containing the Anti-Death Halo. Kill the first Death and if you are fast enough, get the other two Deaths in the stage. One is located in the area with the three normal barrels, in the middle one. The other Death is in a chest before it, but only at certain times depending on what time you open it. A lot of money can also be accumulated, because of the number times used to visit the stage to acquire the levels.

Fighting the dragon

Every time the dragon shoots fire, run behind a rock. You will get the timing correct if you practice. Soon you will know exactly when to run. When it shoots a fire ball (not a fire flame or anything else) and if you have successfully got behind a rock, it will hit the rock which will turn red. Do it again and the rock will break. One of the rocks has 3-way shot inside. Take it and fire the 3-way shot at the dragon to kill it quickly.

Instead of allowing the dragon to destroy the rock, simply run behind the first middle rock to get the 3-way shot. Keeping the rock intact makes it a good place for hiding to avoid the shockwave created when dragon smacks the ground.

Food from Death

If you know where Death is in the level, get a potion. Instead of opening the chest or barrel and killing him, use the magic while he is in the chest or barrel. After he screams, the chest or barrel will shake. Open it to find some food.

Death as a level upgrade

Death is easy to kill. Typically when you find it, you can use the "Magic Potion" and you gain marginal experience points. When you find the "Halo", do not use your magic. It will void out the "Halo power". Just walk next to Death and let the "Halo" do its task. It will upgrade you to the next experience level.

Easy health build

Going through the various warps are quite cumbersome. Your health is typically running low after the Boss matches and the "Blue, Yellow, Green" levels. If you need to recharge your health, go to the very first warp you encountered in the game and you should average around 400 to 500 health points. Do that about three to four times and you should be ready to take on the next warp --it does not take that long.

Easier Boss battles

Purchase a Five-Way Shot for use in Boss battles.

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