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Extra Missions

Beat the first three missions without running out of continues, and you will get Missions 4, 5, and 6 to play. These Missions are in the same areas, but they are extremely challenging.

Infinite Tranquilizer Credits

Beat the first three missions without running out of continues and you will get unlimited credits on the tranquilizer gun game.

Play as Bruno from Die Hard Arcade

To play as Bruno from the orignal Die Hard aracde collect all the Picture Frames in the game to unlock Bruno from Die Hard Arcade.

Bonus Game

To unlock the Tranquilizer Gun hidden game, complete any mission.

Extra Level

Collect ALL pictures, use no continues and complete all missions.

Infinite Credits and Tranquilizer Gun

To unlock Infinite Credits and the Tranquilizer Gun complete mission 1, 2, 3 with out using any continues.

Play as Cindy

To play as Cindy from the original Die Hard Arcade select Ivy and hold Start.

Unlimited Ammo

Pause the game and press L+A+B+Y. Un-pause it and then the ammo is unlimited for every weapon.

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