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Extra Windows-wallpaper line up

Place the game-gd into your PC-CDROM drive, and look inside the directory called "BMP" to find a great line-up of Climax Landers wallpapers in Bitmap format.

Clone Monsters

This trick will allow you to clone a monster to give to a friend's game/save file, while keeping the original monster.

#1. Make sure you are in the town area and your current character has the "Moon Lighter" or "Moon Lighter S" item with him/her.
#2. Save your game at Sword's House and walk to the VMU machine in the Monster House.
#3. Download the "Moon Lighter" or "Moon Lighter S" mini-game onto your VMU.
#4. Download the monster you wish to clone onto the VMU.
#5. After it has finished downloading, exit the Monster House. WITHOUT SAVING, turn the game off.
#6. Turn the game on and select your friend's save file. Go to the Monster House and load the monster from the VMU into the game. If done correctly, both save files should have a copy of the same monster!

Keep Downloaded Mini-Games

When you buy one of the super expensive mini-game items, you can only use it once! However, there is a way to keep them. First, download the game onto your VMU. Then, WITHOUT SAVING, turn the game off. If done correctly, you should have the minigame on your VMU, and still have the item in the game! NOTE: If you did not save when you bought the mini-game item, you will keep the money you used to pay for it with, making it free! The game will be on your VMU either way!

Lots of cash or Tokens

Before you do this make sure you have a vmu mini-game that stores tokens on your vmu. Now save your game a Sword's house. Than go to the nearest shop and sell all of your items.(sell legendary items to the rabbit guy). Than go to the monster house and buy as many tokens as you can and put them on your vmu. Now turn the system off and reload your save. You will have all of your stuff back but still have the tokens on your vmu. Do this as many times as you want and either sell the tokens for cash or trade them for good Items.


Successfully complete all of the dungeons and save the game. After completing the last dungeon, get Lady, save the game, then close the book. Wait for the credits to complete and a FMV sequence will begin. Save the game when prompted after the sequence. Exit, then load that game. Enter your monster house, go to encapsulate monster, and "Cooks" will appear. Take him out, and he will be one of your monsters.

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