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10,000 cash

During the game move the thumbstick as follows - Down, Up + Left Trigger (at the same time). You will receive a "cheat activated" screen when done correctly.

Unlock Site B

Defeat every mission in the game to unlock site B at the main menu.

Dino Rampage

While playing a game, press L(3), Left(3) to make all carnivores in your park stressed.

Market Day

Tap the triggers L and R at the same while pressing left, right, down. If you do it correctly you should be able to get a whole lot of fossils you can buy at the fossil market!

No Twisters

Use analog stick and press the triggers L and R at the same time while going from left to right each one time while using the analog stick, you may have to do it a second time.

Money Market

Tap L and R at the same time while pressing analog stick or whatever you wish to use two up and two down, if you entered it correctly you should have a whole bunch of bones ready to buy on the market.

Seqencing Error

While tapping the triggers L and R tap left, up, down. This is something a bit tricky so don't get frustrared the first time, keep on trying and you soon will get it.

Impossible Mission

While playing a game, press Right(3), R.

All Research

Press: Down, Down, Down, Left, Right, L, Down, Up.

Guaranteed Immunity

While playing a game, hold L + R and repeatedly tap Up. Dinosaurs will no longer get sick. In the PAL version of the game, press Up(2), R, L, Up(2) while playing game.

Gimme Some Money

While playing game, press L + Up, L + Down. $10,000 will be added to your finances.

Where's The Money?

While playing game, press L + R, Down. Your finances will be reduced to zero. Alternately, press L, R, L, R, Down(2) while playing game.


While playing a game, hold L + R and repeatedly tap Up, Down, Up, Down. One of your safari cars will blow up. Alternately, press R, L, Up, Down, Up, Down while playing game.

Oh No!

While playing a game, hold R and press Right, Left, Right, Left, Right. All tourists will die. Alternately, press Left, Right, Left, Right, R while playing game.

More visitors

If you want more people to visit your park, build four or five entrances on all different sides.

Avoiding visitor deaths

Never build a Safari Adventure in your T-Rex cage. The visitors inside of the car will not live too long. Also, never put more than one T-Rex in one cage. One will be killed and the other badly injured; and the visitors around the cage will get scared to death. This costs you a lot of money, for the T-Rexes and the fines.


Press - R + L, Left, Down, and Right[x2] to shoot from the Safari cars by using the camera.


Press L, R, L, Right, Down, R.

Extinction Event

Press L, R, Down, R, and L to kill all dino's.

Hot One

Press - R + Down and R + Down to cause a heat wave.

Impossible Mission

Press - R, Right[x4], and R to unlock all missions, exercises, and sites.

Instant Alcatraz

Press: L, Left, Left, R, R, Right.

Isla Muerta

Press - R[x3], L, and Right to make the dino's look like the living dead.

Minimum Security

Minimum Security press: Down, Down, Left, Right, L, L, Up, Up.


Press R, Up, R, Right, L, and Down to set all excavated dinosaur DNA to 100%.

No Red Tape

Press - L, R, Left, and Down[x4].


Press: Up, R, Down, L, Left, Left.

Open To The Public

Press - Left, Down, Right, Up, L + R, and L + R to freely select three dig sites without any stars.

Pax Jurassicus

Press: L, Left, Up, Left, Up, Left, L.

Plague Outbreak

Press: Down, Up, Down, Left, R, R, R.

Psycho dinos

During the game hit L, L, L, left, left, left.

Ramage Time

Press - L[x3] and Left[x3] to stress out all Carnivores.

Rocky Road

Press: Right, Right, R, R, L, Down.

Seal of Approval

Press: Right, L, Up, L, L, Down.

Storm Free

Press: R, R, Left, Right, Up, Right.

Three Stars

Press: L, R, Down, Down, L, Right.

Welcome To Melbourne

Press R[x2], L, R, Down, Up, and Down to cause stormy weather.

Welcome to Sydney

Welcome to Sydney press: R, L, R, Down, Up, Down.

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