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Challenge mode

Successfully complete the game to choose any level for game play.

Kelly-Level 3

In order to unlock the third version of the Kelly, collect all of the Halley Cores in the game.

Jump Farther

First jump, then, while in the air press and HOLD the jump button a second time to activate the jump boost. Once your jump boost wears off, let go of the jump button right away. Press the left thumbstick, then, while holding it down point it in the direction that you are jumping. You should fly quickly forward in the designated direction. Once that wears off, you can repeat it several more times in rapid bursts to lenghten your jump even more.

Soft/Slow Landing

First you must be significantly high in the air. While in the air press and hold the left thumbstick and then point it in a direction. Then quickly reverse the direction and at the same time stop pressing the left thumbstick and/or the jump button. You can also achieve this by shooting the railgun in the air. You can end the effect by pressing the L thumbstick and pointing it in a direction again or by jumping.

Speed Boost

Press the left thumbstick. While holding the L thumbstick down, point it in the direction that you want to go in. You should jet rapidly in the wanted direction as long as you hold the L thumbstick pressed.


First jump. Then while in the air, press and HOLD the jump button a second time. While flying you can manuver in the direction that you want with the left thumbstick.

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